Welcome to the Loser’s Guide to God’s Grace!

If you’re a loser like me, you may find it hard to trust promises of blessing and promotion that wonderful Christian leaders like Joel Osteen preach about … After all: he has lived the perfect Christian life, never struggled with your problems and doesn’t get what it means to be a loser. What he says may be true for him and winners like him … but for you and me? For the losers?

Good news! Grace is grace, and God’s grace works for everyone, including us losers — maybe especially us losers!

And you can trust me on this, because I am a loser like you.

Starting with this blog, and then in a soon-to-be published ebook, I want to show you just how revolutionary God’s grace is for us, and how easy it is to receive it! Please invite all your loser friends to follow along. And, you know, winners are welcome, too.

— Your anonymous loser friend, Jane W.

The ebook is here!Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 3.55.03 PM

Get it now from Amazon — coming soon to other evendors!

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